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Before closing the door

June 19, 2016 three pm, "Chinese life? 2016 to? 24 hour City relay" Beijing Railway Station timer walked the last seconds, after 24 hours of non-stop running, runners are the body although tired, but all smiling, the scene heard the voice. More than 2000 running friends from all over the country finished the match of 209 teams, and spent a memorable 24 hour. The final mileage of this year is 53742.5 kilometers, and the cumulative amount of running in three years has reached 104895 kilometers.

finally, Lining IRun was a line and the North 54 team won the elite group and the group challenge champion, the final run they were 360.5 km and 385 km, both to refresh the two categories of the record. The closing ceremony, Chinese life insurance group brand publicity department general manager Mr. Li Zesheng, China social welfare foundation gradually freeze foundation Secretary General Ms. Guan Xianyue, China youth development foundation science minister Ms. Feng Minhui respectively challenge group and elite group of the top three were awarded medals and a letter of thanks, Ms. Yue and Mrs. Feng Huimin as the orchestra on behalf of the two public projects to accept donations. As the elites champion said, "the 360 kilometre goal made before the game feels impossible, but we do it!" To run ·, there may be a lot of unexpected things in 24 hours. In this day and night, constantly challenge and surpass yourself is the charm of this competition.
elite team champion Lining IRun with the wind team
, in particular, to participate in the tournament run group, a total of 115 teams completed the public 260 kilometers, 30 teams completed 300 km, they struggled to struggle through 24 hours, is getting cold breath million fund project "and" the Yao foundation hope primary school dedication the basketball season "out of deep love.

, of course, unlike many running races, the 24 hour relay race is not only for competition results, but also for runners to enjoy the pleasure of "running together". For example, the women marathon champion snow white of Berlin World Athletics Championships is sure to be world-class in terms of running level. But this year, she came to Longwan to compete.

"when I was in training, the longest time ran 45 kilometers, now retired, the state of mind is relaxed, here is mainly run and group of friends, everyone ran happy good laps, how much time, no limit, this really let people feeling cheerful running." "And this competition can also help those who need help and contribute their strength through this platform," said snow.
On the scene of the closing ceremony of
, the organizing committee thanked the team running for 24 hours in three consecutive years, thanked them for running · together, and grew up side by side 24 hours, hoping that they could go on with the competition. Data map
a lot of people sneeze in the spring, and they can't stop in a dozen. This is a spring allergy.

is allergic in spring, also known as seasonal allergy and pollen allergy. The most common problem is allergic rhinitis.
is in spring, longer sunshine time and warmer temperature are good news for runners, but increasing the amount of pollen at the same time is an annoying problem.

the cycle of seasonal allergic rhinitis and other allergies should be predictable, but it may be different from the calendar time, which is mainly related to the plant growth cycle in the living environment.
For example,
in Minnesota, after the snow melts, can also cause allergies, because the snow with snow melt and mold bag into the air, then it will bear the brunt of sensitive people.

, in spring, first began with tree pollen allergies, followed by pollen from flowering shrubs and trees, and finally grass pollen. In the early summer, the situation in the early summer would be better, until the pollen of the ragweed and other late pollination plants appeared in 8-9 months. In the winter, in the closed house, the dust mites and the other allergens in the house have become a problem.

experts remind the runners with seasonal allergies to pay attention to the following points:

1, during the course of allergic attack, try to use over-the-counter drugs, such as fluticasone propionate, nasal spray, or non sedative (H2) antihistamines, such as fexofenadine, loratadine, cetirizine and so on. Take medication daily, or continue medication after the season. If there is a problem with itching and tears, it can be relieved with antihistamine eyedrops.

2, pay attention to the relationship between the pollen count and the symptoms; try to start the drug treatment before the deterioration. Pollen allergy is often associated with asthma. If this is the case, it is best to see a doctor so that it can be adjusted in advance. If asthma occurs in exercise or after exercise, the doctor should have a test. The doctor has other anti allergy prescription drugs, and if you can't control it properly, you need an anti allergy needle.

3, the peak of allergy problems occurred in the morning and noon. A lot of weather App can track the pollen count, so you can judge when the pollen is the least. Dry and windy weather may be worse than cloudy and rainy days. If the count is higher than the allowable range, it is suggested that we try to move indoors, or run slowly to reduce the rate of respiratory exchange and the total amount of pollen inhalation.

seasonal allergies are really painful, and they want the runners to pay attention to their own ability to avoid accidents in the course of running.

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