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A deep horse

November 29th, "light horse run deep" training camp in Beacon Hill Park in Shenzhen City, South Gate Plaza camp, will attend the 2015 Shenzhen marathon Shenma Group members should be quasi light run took part in the sports competition before learning the knowledge.

as runners are becoming more and more popular, there are more and more running friends who like and are keen on marathons, but many people actually don't have relevant knowledge and experience about how to participate in marathon correctly. For this reason, Shenma is specially designed for the members to prepare the training course for the marathon sports knowledge.
participated in the training. The runners not only experienced the quasi GPS running table in advance, but also learned a lot about sports knowledge that is crucial for safety in marathon projects. The teaching in the 2015 deep horse official head coach Zheng Hui, we learn from the correct running action, how will the stretching method correctly, avoid sports injury, how to correct their daily training steps of knowledge. In training, coach Zheng Hui also explained the physical training in marathon, the importance of relaxation before and after exercise, and the importance of running rhythm.
is understood that EZON should be an intelligent sports brand with sports tables, wearable intelligence and cloud service platform. It has always believed that technology can make running easier and easier. In this year's Shenzhen marathon, EZON is going to set up a deep horse fair run group. In the event, we will also organize some rabbits to provide the leader service for us. Ai Qi, the director of marketing, said that as a representative of the intelligent movement, he is willing to use technology to provide practical services for runners and make the marathon runners more relaxed. He said, should be committed to the quasi uniform in the marathon, leading the Raiders rabbit and three digital track to provide specific services for the runners, and organized the training camp and also hope that through the pre lecture, let runners to prepare in advance more easily in the race.
, coach of this training camp, Zheng Hui is a national athletic athlete. He has been committed to amateur sports training and long-distance marathon curriculum research for many years. He said that the most important thing for a marathon is to set up speed, that is to say, the rhythm of running must be better. The speed display function of the appropriate products can prompt the speed of runners, and is a good assistant for runners. But in many campers the camp said in dark horse began to be invited experts should participate in the quasi training camp, a week before the very lucky, this will help the game to get good grades.
According to
, according to the introduction, EZON is the latest product of the deep horse, the latest product, E1, which is just released on the market this autumn. It is a professional GPS heart rate intelligent running table specially designed for urban sports hobby crowd to light to thin.

Xu Jieer became a run-up volunteer. Xu Jieer led the visually impaired.

recently, Taiwan polyxeny talented Xu Jieer in Taiwan successfully participated in the marathon race, she finished the race after race keen is added to the visually impaired approach member of the ranks of volunteers, to help the visually impaired people to participate in the marathon race. Xu Jieer said that through this volunteer activity, he not only realized the joy of helping others, but also saw perseverance in the visually impaired people and urged himself to run.
Xu Jieer is trained by the run-up.
learned that Xu Jieer had been a volunteer of the visual impaired runway volunteers when he was a friend of the blind. She wrote in micro-blog: "before seeing a friend of visually impaired in the marathon, he also came to participate in the training. He was deeply moved by the volunteers running AIDS. They are optimistic and perseverant, and the obstacles of vision do not block the heart that they want to exercise! "

when talking about how to help the visually impaired, Xu Jieer laments: "body as their eyes to approach, with the trust on behalf of traction rope, cautious direction led the visually impaired and elimination of the road block, and have a stable speed and sensitivity and responsibility!" Not only that, when the bear run, also need to pay attention to the speed and stability need more sustained endurance, which is on the run member of a test of skill and physical strength, but the face of this situation, but Xujie son think to yourself is an urge, she said: "today is the first time that usually training. Train yourself too easily according to their own rhythm to lazy lazy, but because of the visually impaired friends lead responsibility, a more positive sense of mission but will make their own run, I hope he is not drag power! To run with each other, but to exercise more effectively in a limited time! "
It is reported that
, Xu Jill usually love to run, often share their experience of running on micro-blog, and has formed its own "run female diary" series to record their running life, after she has participated in the Super Race WE RUN TPE super marathon and half marathon. The activities of the runners volunteering gave her the idea of running, and then she planned to take part in more and more long-distance running.

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